Best Buy Kenya: Custom designs

Get the right item fit for you alone by getting it customised here at Best Buy Kenya. Find out everything you need here. The first thing you need to know about custom designs is They Are Expensive!

A lot of people think they can get a custom made T-shirt or polo shirt for less than what it would cost to have a normal, off-the-shelf item made. This isn’t true. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s far more expensive to have a custom made shirt or other apparel item than it is to buy a pre-made, off-the-shelf version. Why? Simply because… There Are Too Many Variables! Unlike a regular product where you know the basic specs such as size, material, and color, when it comes to a custom item, there are so many variables, it’s like trying to drive a car without knowing the basics of driving. Let’s say you want a custom designed T-shirt that says, “I <3 NY.” That’s a very simple request, is it not? Not really. The real problem is, there are at least five different factors you need to consider… When You Make This Request! Factor #1 – What is the style of the shirt or other apparel item? Is it a polo shirt, a dress shirt, a crew neck sweatshirt, a v-neck sweatshirt, a henley or whatever?

In the end, you’ll probably decide to go with a v-neck, but that’s only because it’s the one that’s selling right now. But later, if you’re feeling daring, you might change your mind and order the “I <3 NY” polo. Or go for the “crew-neck” look. Whatever. The point is, you’ll have to inform Best Buy Kenya what kind of shirt or other apparel item you want. And factor #2 – What color would you like it to be? Black? White? Gray? Khaki? Navy? Maroon? Olive drab? Red? Yellow? You get the idea. Factor #3 – What size do you want it to be? Petite, Small, Medium, Large, etc.? And remember, each size group has sub-categories too… Such As “Extra Small,” “Small,” “Medium,” “Large,” “Extra Large,” “2X-Large,” “3X-Large,” “4X-Large,” “5X-Large,” “6X-Large,” and so on. And speaking of sizes, how about factor #4 – What size should the T-shirt or other apparel item fit you?

In the end, we ended up designing three different styles of “I <3 NY” shirts. One for a polo shirt, one for a dress shirt, and one for a crew-neck sweatshirt. Factor #2 – What material is the shirt made out of? Will it be 100% cotton, or polyester, or a blend? Again, in the end, we used a blend because we wanted the feel and comfort of cotton, but also the stain-resistance of polyester. Did you know all fabrics have a “feel” or “comfort level”? It’s true. When you ask an expert on this, he’ll tell you that every fabric has a distinct “feel” or “comfort level”. Just the feel of the material against your skin will affect your heartbeat, your blood pressure and your overall sense of well-being. You see, what you want is a material that’s going to be easy to wash, hardwearing and won’t cause you any irritation. Nowadays, most shirts are made out of polyester or a blend of polyester and cotton. In fact, for everyday wear, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear a polyester blend shirt. You know, the one’s with the long sleeves and the say “I Love NY” on the front.