Choosing between the standard and digital PS5

Released on November 20, 2020, the PS5 was a hyped-up console that promised an even better generation of console gaming. It was released in two variants namely the standard version and the digital version. 

While they’re the same console with practically the same specs, they do have differences that are worth noting. Each has its own set of pros and cons that you have to consider when you’re going to choose between the two.

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Comparing prices

The biggest difference between the two versions is that the digital version does not support game discs if you want to play. Instead, you get your games by downloading them from the Playstation Store. Since the digital version offers less functionality, it makes sense that it is cheaper than the standard version.

The standard PlayStation 5 is available for £449 / $499 / AU$749. At £359 / $399 / AU$599, however, the PS5 Digital Edition without the disc is the more affordable choice.

Comparing specs

Both PS5 versions are virtually identical when it comes to their specs. The AMD Zen 2-based CPU, 16GB GDDR6 / 256-bit RAM, and 825 GB SSD are shared by both PS5 consoles. The PS5’s storage is so quick (more than twice as fast as the Series X’s) thanks to the way Sony developed and integrated it that it increases total console performance.

For performance, both operate at 4K at 60Hz, with 120Hz accessible in some titles at the sacrifice of resolution and/or certain graphical enhancements. 

In terms of games, you’ll be able to play most PS4 games on the PS5. You might even get free upgrades like higher frame rates. However, you’ll need to use the PS5’s disc drive to transfer the game discs to the next-gen console in order to do so. This means that you can’t do this on the digital version. 

Comparing hardware and design

The biggest visual difference between the two models is that one has a disc drive while the other does not. As a result, the Digital Edition is 12mm thinner at the base and weighs almost half a kilogram less.

Both consoles have a sculptural, sci-fi design and can be used vertically instead of horizontally.Both devices also contain similar design aspects, such as a high, white-collared shell separated from the black body of the unit by finned gaps for ventilation.

These are the differences between the standard and digital versions of the PS5. If you want to get your hands on it, turn to Best Buy Kenya. Here, we always have the latest models in stock and you can always get them with the best prices.