Cellphone hunting 101: The best brands of 2021

Technological innovations over the years make doing daily activities a lot easier. Although most devices are useful tools, many of us remain glued to our smartphones. These smartphones keep us sane and functional even when everything around us gets a little tougher day by day. 

With smartphones, we can complete our jobs and keep ourselves entertained at the same time. It also helps us capture some moments of our lives and do many other activities. There are many purposes that smartphones can fulfill. To have the best mobile experience, it is ideal to have the best smartphone on hand. 

Here at Best Buy Kenya, we help you be more updated about the latest technological innovations. If you’re looking for a new smartphone and you’re still undecided about the brand you should be getting, here are some of the best mobile brands of 2021. 


Apple’s iPhones are known for providing the best mobile experiences for their players. They function fast and they continuously deliver technological advances for the betterment of their newly released phones. Their phones come in different colours and sizes, allowing people to find which ones they’ll prefer most. They also give players some options about their preferred storage capacities. 

What sets Apple apart from other mobile brands is its crisp camera quality. Although iPhones are a little more expensive compared to other brands, they guarantee people of their superb quality that makes them stand out from the rest. 


Another prominent cellphone brand you’ll encounter is Samsung, a South Korean company dedicated to creating the best smartphones. As a market leader in the smartphone industry, Samsung continues to introduce enhancements on its phones. Their innovation appeals to many users as they offer features like great camera quality and a convenient interface. 

One of the factors that make Samsung phones popular is how they offer several phone options that fall under mid-range and high-end devices. Today, one of their most popular models is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra which uses the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor.


Xiaomi is a new brand that continues to be the quickest growing smartphone company in the world. They have continuously manufactured smartphones that rival those of other popular brands. 

Currently, they are known for their extensive advertising and marketing strategies that are effective in having more users in India and China. As they compete with other renowned brands, users notice that their phones come at cheaper prices even without compromising photo quality.

Aside from the aforementioned, there are many other phone brands you should check out. To know more about the phone units of these brands, check out some of our phone reviews here at Best Buy Kenya to find which one is perfect for your needs!